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Antti Olavi Sarkilahti's biography

Antti Olavi Sarkilahti - I think much easier for you to say Antti Olavi.

My age 71 – born in 1937, in Helsinki, Finland. Retired of a job as managing director of a marketing company called Hyvã-Kirja – A Good Book. Had the responsibility to market all the multivolume encyclopedias and multivolume colored books of The publishing company of Werner Sõderstrõm Osakeyhtiõ, also as WSOY those days while I was also the board member of this company. The most number I remember those days there were 36 different series of books I had to market through my book agents working door to door, exhibitions well whatever different ways. My responsibility to make their work as easy as possible by teaching them all different ways and of the human behavior too – that being maybe the most important of all. The job being most interesting because I tried to make them as fortunate as possible, succeed in their lives as with their families as well. I was lucky with my career even then. You may understand why I love my life living now-a-days here in Nazare my winter seasons. Having a hobby like this photography and as additional bonus making the kind of books I used to market through my agents – well much bigger ones but the idea often being something nice to watch and learn at home with the family and friends. Today I make these only as a hobby and just as gifts for special friends of mine wherever they might live, in Finland, USA, Canada Spain - even here in Nazare, Portugal.

The most important to have family and friends who have this interest for arts, the beauty around us and admiration for the nature among other things. I had a wonderful grandfather who at the old age gave his Rolleyflex to his grandson and that lucky guy was me then something about my teens 12-14 years of age. After those years came films – different kind of them, then the videos and after a long period at about 1980 again the cameras at first with films and then luckily the digitals. But how come I’m living today in Nazare, Portugal?
Retired and had some nice years with Herbalife organization. Had made 5-6 trips to Spain to play golf in the southern parts of Spain. Suddenly – just suddenly decided to immigrate to Bénalmadena Pueblo in Andalucia in 1997. Lived there for five years and thought this is the place and then….

I was lucky to find Nazare by accident. A friend of mine was visiting Nazare and was flying back to Finland via Málaga. I said why – stay there I’m just leaving for Finland with my car. Wait there I’m passing through and take you through Europe. I know a lot of nice places on the way. While driving to Finland I made an additional 1500 km to show her some nice places on the way. By the way the lady just had her 80th birthday, one of my great friends still.
After two days in May 2002 I decided to come this way again the following October when returning back from Finland. After the third day went back to Spain and sold my apartment there. Since then I have been living here about 9 months every year since, and I have to say that was one of my lucky things I’ve made in my life. Well still trying to manage with my Portuguese language, better and better every day, with the help of these nice Nazareno

people around. I feel like living in a paradise. People are such lovely and friendly human beings here.
This is the place for me and with this hobby of mine this is just a paradise. The only months I am away are July and August while for me a bit too many people here, and as in Finland these are the months to be there with family and friends there.

This hobby of mine photography gives me an excellent opportunity to show why I think I’m so privileged to live my kind of life, to be able to enjoy my life as everyone should. Today I have a hobby that many say should have been my career.

I was lucky enough to have a job of my dreams. Working with people is the things I like to do, making people feel good about themselves and what they can achieve, and to be respected by their family and friends. To be able to succeed beyond their expectations in their lives. There success was my ultimate goal, and meant everything to me. I was really lucky to have had that job of mine.

Today the cameras are my tools for the day’s work. When I come home the work continues and often during the night. I might wake up in the middle of the night and spend very easily 3-5 hours, and I just can’t see the time passing very quickly. This is something unbelievably nice, this is the luck of my life that I enjoy tremendously.

I’m such a lucky guy to live this life of mine, in Portugal my winter times, and then when there’s too many people around here, I have the opportunity to vanish to Finland for my summer holidays with family and friends. My lucky months of the year to also meet my grandchildren. I’m very happy for that opportunity.
I am also in the internet -

Antti the Finn – a happy pensioner in love with this art of photography, and also interested in philosophical thoughts as well as all human behavior. This is my style of living The Life.

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